10 Do’s And Don’ts for Surviving the CBSE Board Exams

CBSE Board Exam is a significant step towards building a student’s career and future. As a student, you must have worked hard and put in all your efforts. But, to do better in the exam, you need to follow useful advice to make taking exams simpler. Read below the 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Surviving the CBSE Board Examinations.


10 Do’s for surviving the CBSE exam board :-

Use Your Time Wisely During Examinations

While writing the exam paper, students must establish a clear time schedule and designate a time limit for each question on the exam paper, stating the precise amount of time they must spend on each question. They should also check their watches in the midst of the exam.

Bring everything you’ll need for the exam.

Students must make sure they have everything they need, such as the required stationery water bottle, etc. to relieve their tension. They should make a checklist the evening before each exam and review it before heading out to the Examination hall.

Read the questions and directions carefully

Students must properly put down their exam roll number on the response booklet after thoroughly reading the questions and underlining key passages. They should carefully review the details of the tests before taking them because too-detailed instructions can occasionally confuse them.

Examine the question paper

Writing answers immediately after receiving the papers is a common error made by most students. Students must read the full paper at least once from beginning to end before beginning. They should read all of the options and choose the questions that they can answer flawlessly because there are several questions with various options.

Begin with the easiest question

It’s not required that you respond to the questions in the order they appear on the exam paper. Start off with a question that you are quite confident in answering. This is due to two factors.

  • Answering questions can increase students’ motivation
  • Students will complete simple questions quickly, enabling them to spend more time on challenging issues.

Revise the important terms

Learning new ideas the night before a test is not a good idea. Instead, students should revise important terms and principles they have learned. Go through chapter summaries and make an effort to make connections.

Maintain your fitness

The body will inevitably become mentally and physically fatigued after the three-hour examination. Students must therefore get ready for a lot of activity, both physically and mentally. High-sugar foods and drinks will give you a sugar rush, but by the middle of the exam, you’ll be exhausted. Instead, in order to maintain their mental and physical fitness, students must choose slow-release energy foods like bread, cereal, oatmeal, and fruits.

Speak with the Invigilator

If students have doubts about any questions, it is best to contact the invigilator supervising the exams. They will help or direct students in the appropriate direction.

Review the scoring system.

Keep an eye on the questions’ marking schemes as it will help you know how many marks are allotted to each question. A question should not be given too much time if it only receives 1-2 marks. In order to have more time for questions with higher scores, students must instead make sensible time management decisions.

If There Isn’t Enough Time

The ideal course of action in this situation is to respond to the first part of both questions, if you only have time for one question yet are presented with two. Students frequently score higher on the first half of a question than on the second. Students can also use pointers to respond to questions fast.

10 Don’ts for surviving the CBSE exam board

Stay away from stress

Lack of control causes exam stress. When you don’t know what will occur next, you become apprehensive. To stay away from stress, you must first attempt to questions you are confident in.

Don’t worry about receiving poor grades.

The spelling and minor errors while writing the exam may you. But you must remember that CBSE board exams never use negative markings and you will get grades based on your writing.

Never skip questions

Skipping a question may affect your perfect score. You may answer the question incorrectly but never think of skipping any question. Avoid Wasting Time

Don’t stay awake before the exam day

Prior to exam day, staying up late is not a smart idea. It may cause dizziness throughout the exam and will prevent you from answering the paper effectively. So, during exams, you must maintain a regular sleep routine.

Don’t waste time on one question

Stop panicking, if you are stuck on some questions. You should mark the question that is confusing or difficult to solve and then come back to it lately. There is a probability that when you go back to the question, you will have the solution and be able to solve it quickly.

Avoid looking around the examination room

Looking around to check how others are doing, especially in exam rooms is quite common among students. You should understand it is useless. Watching others write frantically may increase anxiety. Students should focus on their papers and make an effort to complete them on time.

Don’t waste the remaining half of the exam day.

After coming out of the examination hall, you must not talk to your friends about the paper you have just attempted. Don’t worry about what you have and waste the remaining day thinking about it. Instead, you should relax and start preparing for your next exam.

Avoid leaving the exam room too soon.

After writing your paper, remember to double-check it and never exit the exam hall immediately. You must review and revise it to see if you have attempted all the questions or want to make some changes. Following this, you can gain better grades.

Don’t worry but carry on.

This important advice is repeated once more. You may find some questions to be challenging. However, remember, those questions will be challenging for everyone. For such questions, the marking system will be made easier by the examiner. Thus, you must maintain a positive outlook and give your best.



Following these dos and don’ts, preparing well, and writing the paper confidently but carefully, you can come out with flying colors.

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All the best!

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