How to maintain consistency during the JEE preparation?

As an IIT aspirant, you must be aware of the amount of effort required for JEE preparation and additional studies. Arranging your studies, locating the best resources to learn from, organising your days, and structuring your entire life are all key factors to consider if you want to succeed in your entrance exams. Not only that, but you must also ensure coordination and consistency between various jobs. Consistency plays a crucial role in succeeding in an entrance exam and you must learn to maintain it.


Momentum, the best IIT-JEE coaching institute in Gorakhpur, provides some tips to maintain consistency during the JEE preparation. Here, they are:


Self-motivation is critical for one’s success. Understanding the importance of what you’re doing and what you want is a great force that will keep you consistent. Employ different tactics to get the needed kick. For example, consider creating a wager with your family or friends that you will achieve a certain score, or dare yourself if you feel you are losing motivation.

Make a timetable

To be consistent you must define the task and allot time to do them, to know what to stick to. For this, you must create a timetable that includes all of your tasks as well as your study plan.

You can make it more specific by mentioning the subjects and topics, as well as the set time for tasks, such as revisions, so you know exactly what to do at that time of day. You can eventually develop the habit of creating a timetable a day ahead. This will not only help you maintain consistency but will also ensure that you cover all of the subjects and their topics.

Increase the portion to be covered gradually

Consistency is a skill that can be developed through time. There are a lot of topics to cover for IIT-JEE preparations. Beginning early will help to complete the curriculum on time. Initially, you can take your time, learn at your own speed, and cover only a portion of the curriculum each day. As days pass, you can gradually boost your potential by taking on more topics to cover.

Take breaks in between

Preparing for the JEE should not feel like a punishment. There is no law that says you must always exhaust yourself and go beyond your limitations. As an IIT aspirant, you must put in all your efforts but you need breaks as well to refresh yourself. You can engage in activities that you enjoy during your free time, such as spending time with your family, catching up on old hobbies, meeting up with friends, participating in sports, and more. Breaks rejuvenate you and help you stay on track with your schedule and academics.

Set small goals each day

Modest aims result in tiny victories. When you see yourself succeeding, you get motivated to move ahead. Therefore, establish small goals each day to attain your larger goals. Your objectives could be to complete a chapter in a day or to memorise the formula in a week. Establish simple, attainable goals before deciding to put your whole talent to the test. These small goals will help you complete your work while also making you feel pleased with yourself.

Keep track of your course schedule.

When it comes to the syllabus, you should always maintain track of your progress. Constantly keep taking notes and underlining texts because they help you remain on track and are useful when you want to go over key themes again. You should plan your schedule based on your curriculum and exam dates. It is critical to understand how much of your piece has been accomplished and how much you have yet to complete. You can then adjust your timetable to allow room for changes or tests.

Evaluate yourself

Self-evaluation helps you examine your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve. It will tell you which subjects you are weak in and which you excel at. To work wisely, you must understand your own skills and shortcomings and use them to your advantage. When you have everything planned out and are self-aware, keeping consistent becomes second nature.

Use quirky stationery to avoid boredom

You can use amusing stationery to enhance consistency in your JEE preparation. Although it may seem odd, this works. You can have fun while studying by utilising colourful sticky notes to list your short-term objectives or eye-catching highlighter pens to highlight crucial passages. Thus, you will not be bored of only black and white in front of you.

Don’t pay heed to what your peers say

Never concentrate on or pay attention to what your competitors are doing or saying.

Do they spend the same amount of time studying as you do? How long does it take them to learn a certain subject? Believing in others will cause you to lose sight of your own. Always be mindful of your planning. Competition among peers is necessary but in moderation.



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